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Show your support to the women at Mt. Kilimanjaro demanding their rights to land.

Imagine being a typist without a typewriter, a photographer without a camera, a driver without a car. Women are toiling the land, gathering firewood, water, producing and cooking the food; and yet in many cases are not masters of the land they farm.

Women across the world, rural African women in particular, don’t have secure access and control over land. This is important not just for producing food but in realising women’s human rights. Available information suggests that less than one quarter of agricultural land holdings in developing countries is in the hands of women.

Rural women across Africa are now mobilising to change policies, practices, attitudes, behaviours and institutions - to assert their rights. They are gathering momentum with 30 rural women climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, and over 250 women gathering at the foothills to complete their charter of demands. The charter will then be delivered to the African Union as well as their national governments to take into action.

Please show your support

Take a photo of yourself in support of the rural women at Mt. Kilimanjaro. Here are some ideas:

  1. Take a photo of yourself climbing a mountain or a hill, and write on a piece of paper your message to the women at Kilimanjaro
  2. Take a photo of yourself doing something challenging, to symbolize the mountain you face or your own Kilimanjaro; with your message
  3. Or simply write your message on paper and take a photo to support land rights for women in Africa

Please share your photo with people you know on social media with the hashtag #women2kilimanjaro

Show your support to the women at Mt. Kilimanjaro demanding their rights to land.

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